"Feature 3 was an adult female burial which on two occasions, had been disturbed. In 1990 the burial had been cut into by the telephone trench. The northern edge of the burial was disturbed and a number of bones and vessels appear to have been displaced at that time. The burial was struck a second time in 1991 when the backhoe 'trimmed' the west end of the burial pit. The burial pit had been cut deep into the caliche. It was at least 75 to 80 cm below the present ground surface. 

The pit was at least 70 cm wide northeast to southwest and 90 cm long northwest to southeast. 

The body lay on its right side with the axial skeleton orientated east to west. The skull was at the east end of the pit. The upper arms appear to have been lying along the front of the chest. One forearm was drawn up so that the wrist lay below the humerus. The other lower arm was disarticulated. An in-situ hand lay against the north edge of the pit. The legs were flexed with the knees pointing north. The lower legs were removed by the backhoe. In general the burial was very disarticulated from the two backhoe disturbances and rodent activity. It is possible that when the burial was originally uncovered in 1990, portions of the skeleton may have been disturbed intentionally.

Field observations indicated that this individual was a female, probably aged older than 35 at death..."

"Feature 4 was a child's burial that had been cut by the backhoe and subsequently removed by workers prior to the arrival of the archaeologists. No in-situ bone survived. Most of the skeleton was not recovered. The pit was cut deeply into the caliche. It was round bottomed and was at least at 65 cm long west to east and 30 cm wide north to south. The base of the pit was 97 cm below the current ground surface. Feature 4 was almost directly below Feature 5.

Skeletal portions recovered included the left frontal and temporal, both parietals, the mandible, and the right tibia. No teeth had erupted, suggesting the child was less than a year old at death. Both were recovered as specimen 16."

Jersey Shore Marvel by: Frankie Metro
“If what's always distinguished bad writing--flat characters, a narrative world that's clichéd and not recognizably human, etc.--is also a description of today's world, then bad writing becomes an ingenious mimesis of a bad world. If readers simply believe the world is stupid and shallow and mean, then [Bret] Ellis can write a mean shallow stupid novel that becomes a mordant deadpan commentary on the badness of everything. Look man, we'd probably most of us agree that these are dark times, and stupid ones, but do we need fiction that does nothing but dramatize how dark and stupid everything is? In dark times, the definition of good art would seem to be art that locates and applies CPR to those elements of what's human and magical that still live and glow despite the times' darkness. Really good fiction could have as dark a worldview as it wished, but it'd find a way both to depict this world and to illuminate the possibilities for being alive and human in it.

Postmodern irony and cynicism's become an end in itself, a measure of hip sophistication and literary savvy. Few artists dare to try to talk about ways of working toward redeeming what's wrong, because they'll look sentimental and naive to all the weary ironists. Irony's gone from liberating to enslaving. There's some great essay somewhere that has a line about irony being the song of the prisoner who's come to love his cage… The postmodern founders' patricidal work was great, but patricide produces orphans, and no amount of revelry can make up for the fact that writers my age have been literary orphans throughout our formative years.

We enter a spiritual puberty where we snap to the fact that the great transcendent horror is loneliness, excluded encagement in the self. Once we’ve hit this age, we will now give or take anything, wear any mask, to fit, be part-of, not be Alone, we young. The U.S. arts are our guide to inclusion. A how-to. We are shown how to fashion masks of ennui and jaded irony at a young age where the face is fictile enough to assume the shape of whatever it wears. And then it’s stuck there, the weary cynicism that saves us from gooey sentiment and unsophisticated naïveté. Sentiment equals naïveté on this continent.

You burn with hunger for food that does not exist.

A U. S. of modern A. where the State is not a team or a code, but a sort of sloppy intersection of desires and fears, where the only public consensus a boy must surrender to is the acknowledged primacy of straight-line pursuing this flat and short-sighted idea of personal happiness.” 

― David Foster Wallace-

Transcendental realism is about getting past stifling structures. It is about identifying the boundaries/borders that get in our way and learning to move beyond them.

No Borders. No Gods. No Masters.

So today, we are thankful for the turkey and the family and the day off. We are thankful for the poetry and the paint and the love in our lives.

But we are also curious:

Why do people set aside one day a year to say "thank you"?

Will this same spirit of gratitude be here tomorrow or will we all be too busy shopping?

What if we felt like this every day?

What if every day was a celebration of all our good fortune?

Why can't we spend more of our days in the company of our loved ones, eating good food, reading good books, and enjoying ourselves?

Lets do this more often.


While researching Sikhism for a recent flash fiction story, one of our staff members came across an interesting fact concerning a sect of holy monks called Nihangs, who were reputed as being savage protectors of Sikhism, dressed in electric blue turbans and brandishing all manner of weapons like the chakram (a sharply-edged brass circle worn on the turban or around the wrists, even twirled around the index finger while holding a spear or sword- a technique called tajani). While their fighting techniques and ceremonial decor is something we find fascinating, what really spiked our interest was the ritual of drinking Bhang, which is short for Bhang Thandi (a mixture of cannabis, milk, spices, and sugar). It was rumored that the Nihang hunters of the Punjab would venture into the forests in search of man eating tigers or lions that were terrorizing the neighboring villages, and that while  hunting, the "crocodiles" as is the literal meaning of Nihang, would eat cannabis to aid with the digestion process and prepare them for battle. It is said, that Bhang helps the warrior thrive in battle, because he is vigilant and without fear. Of course there are far more complexities to the actual rituals, and even though it is sometimes questioned in the Sikh faith, for all likes and purposes ingesting Bhang Thandi serves the same principle for the Nihang, that communion serves for the Catholics. Flesh of my flesh. Herb of my herb.


-recipe per some website-
1 1/2 liter - Water 
1 1/2 cups - Sugar (chini)
1 cup - Milk 
1 tbsp - Almonds (badam)
1 tbsp - Watermelon/Cantaloupe seeds (dried and skinned) (kharboje ke beej)
1/2 tbsp - Poppy seeds (khus khus)
1/2 tbsp - Aniseed 
1/2 tsp - Cardamom powder (elaichi powder)
1 tsp - Peppercorns (whole) (sabut kali mirch)
15 cannabis (bhaang)
1/4 cup - Dried or fresh rose petals (gulab ki pati)

1) Take a pan and add 1/2 litre of water and sugar to it. Let it saok for 2 hours.

2) Now in a separate bowl soak all the other dry ingredients in 2 cups of water for minimum 2 hours. After 2 hours grind these soaked ingredients into a fine paste.

3) Mix remaining water to the paste and strain it using a strong muslin strainer to extract the liquid into a vessel until the residue becomes dry.

4) Now to this strained mixture add milk and sugar syrup.

5) Add the cardamom powder in the milk.

6) Keep it for chilling in the fridge for 2 -3 hours before serving.

7) Serve it cold with some chopped almonds.



" Dear Beloved,

I am Mrs Nicole Benoite and i have been suffering from ovarian cancer disease and the doctor says that i have just few days to leave. I am from (Paris) France but based in Africa Burkina Faso since eight years ago as a business woman dealing with gold exportation.

Now that i am about to end the race like this, without any family members and no child. I have $3 Million US DOLLARS in Africa Development Bank (ADB) Burkina Faso which i instructed the bank to give St Andrews Missionary Home in Burkina Faso.But my mind is not at rest because i am writing this letter now through the help of my computer beside my sick bed.

I also have $4.5 Million US Dollars at Eco-Bank here in Burkina Faso and i instructed the bank to transfer the fund to you as foreigner that will apply to the bank after i have gone, that they should release the fund to him/her,but you will assure me that you will take 50% of the fund and give 50% to the orphanages home in your country for my heart to rest.

Respond to me immediately for further details since I have just few days to end my life due to the ovarian cancer disease, hoping you will understand my point

Yours fairly friend,
Mrs Nicole Benoite."

Kleft Jaw is putting out a 1500 word bounty on Mrs. Nicole Benoite. Let's help this croan to send off that magical 3 mil, early. If these were the days of the Klefts, she would be kidnapped and held for ransom. No harm would come to her mind you (if she were in fact a lady) but we have our suspicions, that this is actually a man in Nigeria being paid horribly to send shitty emails. Can we at least get the head of a supervisor on a plate?