cerridwen the witch
11/4/2015 01:08:07 pm

levitating cars and walking through walls.are you kidding me?if that were the case everybody would become a satanist.o yes getting money out of thin air.this is all a bunch of bs.we have a socalled exwitch over here in my country.but whenever she gives a testemony you can see she lies.i mean she claims that the gnooms did her washing up.witchcraft is all about getting to know yourself.its all about wisdom.And believe me witches and most satanists are very down to earth people.We respect life,in stead of killing living things for a deity that wants to see blood.ENCLUDING JAHWEH.Jahweh or his real name is ahaya is also asking blood.he is a bloodthursty god.strange that whenever i read the bible i see this awful character of jahweh.hes anything BUT nice.So i can immagine that christianity being a lie,,,also his followers are liars.christianity was invented by the illuminati to enslave and dominate people.and thats what the christians still do.wake up is all i wanna sy to you guys.and kick idiots like warnke out.Because in my country he would never get another chance once they found out he had been lying.but in the good old u of sa they do.thats how guys like warnke get rich.and when they get rich they dont think about the poor.they only think about themselves.so wake up guys.a real witch.


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