Just one week away from the official festivities, celebrating the online release of Kleft Jaw #2, we feel like it's important to express our gratitude to the supporters and contributors to each milestone we've seen come to fruition. The editors have seen their share of tests along the way; patience, efficiency, dedication, and disheartening interactions with some who would love to see a project of this magnitude fail. 

We can't allow that. We won't allow that. Seeing the reaction on people's faces when they open one of our print journals or hearing the overall reception of the online issues has really helped to keep our objective in perspective. We make no allegiances with set form or style, and we certainly don't mind to tread on some toes if they're attached to the foot on the necks of honest, hardworking artists and writers. We welcome the idea that what we are doing, is not going to be for everyone. But the ones who beat their chests in the dark like we do, the ones who spit on the feet of heretics and traitors, the ones who eat drink, and as Henry Miller would say, remain "always merry and bright", even in moments of tension or discord, that's who we do this for; YOU! 

We'll keep up the good fight on our end. We'll hold the fuckin line. See ya soon Longmont. Can you feel us spitting America? Can you hear the tectonic medley world?

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